Donald Carter is always a man to be reckoned with. He is a man of integrity and compassion. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a criminal lawyer.”

Maureen Jennings, Creator and Author of murdoch mysteries

Donald Carter


I do one thing: I practice criminal law. I have done so for 23 years. I don’t moonlight in family law and you will never find me writing a will. The reason? I like the challenge of thinking on my feet. I have built my career in courtrooms cross examining witnesses, arguing my clients cases and obtaining the best possible outcomes from judges and juries. The results speak for themselves.

I attended Queen’s University where I received a law degree and prior to that I received a degree in philosophy from York University.  

I am a member of the Extremely Serious Cases Panel and a member of the Gladue Panel approved to represent aboriginal defendants.



One of the most valuable things I provide my clients is my reputation for integrity. Having this reputation means that you have a leg up right from the start. Being known as being forthright goes a long way in convincing crowns or judges to accept your version of events. A few quiet words from me may get results that others can’t — even when shouting at the top of their lungs.


The one thing that experience has taught in criminal law is that things are never the way they appear!  The moment you start to make assumptions is the moment you are getting farther away from the truth. This is where my philosophy training gives me a significant advantage. In all cases you must first check your assumptions. It may be your assumptions that are stopping you from asking an important question or thinking about an alternative case scenario. I ask questions that no one else even thinks of, until they hear the answers and understand why it’s important.

Respect for Individual Rights

Protecting the rights of all people is what marks us as a civil society.  I believe I’m doing my small part in protecting the rights of everyone by vigorously protecting the rights of my clients. Individuals accused of criminal offences have the odds stacked against them simply by being charged. My role is to even those odds.


Here’s a sampling of what my clients have experienced in working with me:

"Mr. Carter gave me my life back. He told me exactly what he was going to do from the beginning and then he did it. I was referred to him by a friend, and now I will be doing the referring." — J.M., Toronto

"As a criminal lawyer myself, I know that some cases require particular expertise in skills like cross-examination. I have been helping my clients in these cases by referring them to Donald Carter. I know he will obtain the best possible result." — S.T. (Criminal Lawyer), York Region

"Mr. Carter cross-examined me as a witness in a murder case 15 years ago. After seeing him in action, I have been referring people to him ever since." — O.R., Toronto